Friday, August 6, 2010

Chop it up!

Hi guys!  This Blog will share you my own recipes and also my Family's recipes too.  Some of it are modified versions of traditional Filipino dishes.  I can say that I have good initiative and I am also creative when it comes to cooking.  I will tell you what we use and how to cook every single dish that I know.  Hope you guys will like it.  Have fun cooking!

I'm just trying to help and give ideas to those who want to cook something new.


     I really love cooking!  I started cooking since I was on 4th Grade, I think I was just 11 years old back then.  They said that it is hereditary because most relatives on my Father's side know how to cook.  And they are really good in cooking!  Even my Grandparents own a small Carenderia before.  I always see them and my uncles cooking and they always tell us, me and my cousins, that we should also learn it.  They said that cooking is a great advantage, like winning a girl's "heart".  They taught us the techniques that they use. I can proudly say, none of our recipes are written in any way.  It is passed thru generation to generation verbally.  My Uncles wanted us to just memorize every single part of it.  "Hindi ka gagaling mag luto kung lagi kang nakatingin sa recipe book mo!  Dapat saulo mo bawat sangkap at kung pano lutuin ito", that's what they always say.  

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