Monday, August 9, 2010

Are You Clean Enough?

RULE # 1: Sanitize
“Hindi komo masarap ang iniluto mo ay kakainin na ito ng tao”

     Before we go on cooking, I just want to remind you guys that cooking has a big responsibility.  I mean a very BIG one!  Being YUMMY is just the 2nd most important when it comes to cooking (mas gugustuhin ko pang kumain ng pagkain na hindi ganon kasarap pero sigurado naman ako na malinis ang pagkakagawa).  Cleanliness is the first thing you must always keep in mind.  You really have to make it sure that everything you use, the utensils and ingredients are clean and sanitized.  You might harm yourself and the people who will eat your creation.  You must remember that you have to wash it before you cook it.  Even if it is in the dispenser,  you still don’t know who touches it and if there’s an insect that crawled in it (kung ano-anong sakit ang nakukuha sa dumi at sa mga insekto). 
Some Tips:
1. Wash utensils first before use.
2. Disinfect by using boiling water. (pinaka mabisang panglaban)
3. Always keep them in a safe and sealed storage.
4. Make sure every utensils are dry when not in use to avoid rusting.
5. You should always check if the ingredients are fresh, usable and in good condition.
6. Always check the utensils if there’s a rust. (avoid using it if you think it is rusted already)
7. You need to refrigerate anything perishable.
8. Always check if the canisters are sealed.
9. F I F O or First In – First Out System
10. Avoid cross contamination.
11. Cold must be cold and hot must be hot.

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