Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nilagang Maling

Hey guys!  Let's start with an easy one.  I like luncheon meat but I don't want it dry anymore so I decided to make another recipe using it.  "Mahilig po kasi ako sa mga food na may sabaw or may sauce", so ito po ang kinalabasan.  Easy to cook, and it can also serve more people unlike when you fry it.


1 can     Maling Pork Luncheon Meat
2 tbsp.  Whole Peppercorn ( Pamintang Buo)
3 tbsp.   Fish Sauce ( Patis)
3 pcs.    Potato ( Big Size)
1/4 kilo  Baguio Beans
3 packs  Pechay ( 3 Tali)
2 pcs.    Onion Bulbs
1 pc.      Pork Bouillon ( Pork Cubes)
2 liters    Water
The procedure is so easy.  Just like an ordinary nilaga except, you don't need to boil the meat first.

1.  Cut onions and potatoes into 4 slices each and boil them using your 2 liters water for about 10 mins.

2.  Add the peppercorn, fish sauce and bouillon and wait for another 2 mins.

3.  Cut the luncheon meat into cubes and add it to the boiling water together with baguio beans.

4.  And lastly, add the pechay leaves and simmer for 5 mins.


Best with Calamansi-Fish Sauce with "Sili"!

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